Welcome to the Board

Elections were held Wednesday, June 19th, for one of the nine chairs on our Board of Directors. Chet Plaski and Ron Biga, both from Press, and Ken Wavruk, from Pre-press, ran for the position.  In the end, we were happy to welcome Ron Biga as our next Board member.

BoD Ron BigaRon will serve on the Board of Directors for three years, working closely with other board members, including Worzalla President and CEO Jim Fetherston, to ensure the integrity of our company and quality of the work that we do continues.  

 His experience includes 33 years at Worzalla holding a number of positions, including bundler, feeder, 2nd pressman, and trainer, and is currently the Lead Operator on the first (1st) shift M500 cover press.   

Worzalla’s continued success as a competitive printer and manufacturer of books is, in his own words, “second nature” to him as he has been working with and investing in Worzalla since the creation of our ESOP in 1986.  He feels it is “important to listen to all suggestions from all positions in the company.”  Going into the position he is key on succession planning, to keep the company growing and improving internally, as well as continuing to focus on quality and communication.

We look forward to having him serve Worzalla on our Board of Directors.  Welcome, Ron!

Ron lives in Plover, WI with his wife, Deb.

Our Rotoman Press

Summer is here, and we are celebrating it with the inaugural run on our new Rotoman press. We would like to present our latest addition to our press family and, like a proud parent of a new child, tell you all about it.


Our press crew has been working hard alongside the installers to get the Rotoman up and running, and we are excited to see the fruits of their labor.

Following God: Worship in the Tabernacle from AMG Publishers led the way on the Rotoman on June 21, and from the looks of it, it’s a fine start to summer.

The energy on the pressroom floor was focused but upbeat as the first run moved along.  The machine was working like a charm delivering quality prints at our usual high standards.

Our pressroom manager, Chet Plaski, was enthusiastic as he described the capabilities and mechanics of the new machine.   The Rotoman offers speedy printing in up to five colors and can runs prints from 6 1/2″ x 10 7/8″ to 9 1/8″ x 10 7/8″.

We are very proud of the newest member of our press family, and with the advantageous run speeds we are looking forward to many, many fine quality print runs with it.

Books: More than a Business

A good book is never hard to find at Worzalla, located in Stevens Point in Central Wisconsin. For over 100 years we have been printing quality products, and working with the customer to ensure the customer receives the highest quality printing job. With such titles as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Where the Wild Things Are, Worzalla is a printer that is trusted by publishers large and small.

Our trust is built on the pride that each Worzalla employee takes in his or her work. Being employee owned for over 25 years, Worzalla employees see each book as a testament of their own dedication to quality craftsmanship. We are proud to stand behind every print job, individually and as a company. The sense of community that brings Worzalla employees together is one that we strive to extend to you, our customer.

We show this commitment to community through a trustworthy team of individuals who work closely with you to provide the best service possible. From the moment your order is placed, open communication is kept with customer between our sales, customer service and estimating representatives who, once assigned, are dedicated to seeing to all of your current and future orders. Consistent, personal treatment adds to the certainty of manufacturing a product you and Worzalla will be proud of. In the words of our sales associate, Rodger Beyer, “taking care of the customer has always been our number one priority.”

Let us make your next printing job our number one priority. Check out our website at http://www.worzalla.com/ and keep following our blog or find us on LinkedIn for further updates and information on the quality services we provide.