Welcome to the Board

Elections were held Wednesday, June 19th, for one of the nine chairs on our Board of Directors. Chet Plaski and Ron Biga, both from Press, and Ken Wavruk, from Pre-press, ran for the position.  In the end, we were happy to welcome Ron Biga as our next Board member.

BoD Ron BigaRon will serve on the Board of Directors for three years, working closely with other board members, including Worzalla President and CEO Jim Fetherston, to ensure the integrity of our company and quality of the work that we do continues.  

 His experience includes 33 years at Worzalla holding a number of positions, including bundler, feeder, 2nd pressman, and trainer, and is currently the Lead Operator on the first (1st) shift M500 cover press.   

Worzalla’s continued success as a competitive printer and manufacturer of books is, in his own words, “second nature” to him as he has been working with and investing in Worzalla since the creation of our ESOP in 1986.  He feels it is “important to listen to all suggestions from all positions in the company.”  Going into the position he is key on succession planning, to keep the company growing and improving internally, as well as continuing to focus on quality and communication.

We look forward to having him serve Worzalla on our Board of Directors.  Welcome, Ron!

Ron lives in Plover, WI with his wife, Deb.

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