Celebrating Service

At Worzalla we are proud to show our support for the men and women who serve in our armed forces. This week, in honor of Independence Day, we are looking at the We Serve Too!  children’s books written by Kathleen Edick and Paula J. Johnson and published by Wee the People Publishing.

010Inspired from their own experiences of having family members who serve, Kathleen and Paula wrote the We Serve Too!  books to honor the families, especially the children in those families, whose sacrifices at home are not often remembered.   

Cindy Maher is the CSR for We Serve Too!  Working on this job has been especially unique for Cindy, as she has had a son in the service.  “I had never seen anyone deal with this particular issue,” she said of the way the books were focused on children, not adults.  The books work to “empower children,” as Cindy saw it, [they] “gave the children something to do… for themselves as well as service members.”  

Even the structure of the books work to empower the kids who read them.  The in-sheet of each book holds the quote011 by Patrick Henry, “The battle does not belong to the strong alone, but to the vigilant, the active, and the brave”- words that include children and adults alike in the actions of service.  Likewise, in We Serve Too! : The Homecoming Box an activity guide showing children how to create their own “homecoming box” was included in the back of each book. 

The We Serve Too! books are an opportunity for kids to relate to a situation that they may be going through themselves.   Having the opportunity to print such empowering and inspirational books is an honor to us at Worzalla. 

Visit https://www.weservetoo.com/ for more information on the We Serve Too! books and resources.

From all of us at Worzalla, have a happy Independence Day!

To hear We Serve Too! read by author Kathleen Edick click here:  http://youtu.be/jj_JdmrRdt8

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