Digital Dynamics

Worzalla is working with the modern demands of the printed world through our digital printing options.  Why is having a printer who offers digital advantageous with today’s marketing platforms?  The following four points explain why digital printing makes for an efficient option when it comes to getting your product on the market.

1.  Trickle Inventory

Some products are not needed in mass quantities, but may be needed continuously over a period of time.  This is where  trickle inventory comes in.  Trickle inventory is getting multiple smaller orders that can be used more efficiently at the moments they are needed.  Backlist titles are often run digitally as it is more cost effective in the supply-and-demand chain.

2. Customization and Personalized Products 

With digital printing, products can be customized/personalized to fit the customer’s needs.  This can be for an entire order or just for static portions of an order.  The customer can focus his or her products more effectively by getting the exact product that he or she needs.  A customized/personalized product makes reaching the broader range of more individualized audiences that is becoming the norm possible.

3. Marketing Made Simpler

Having the option of doing smaller runs with more personalized options allows for new marketing options.  Having a small run done for a book promo or signing is a great way to test out the design of your book on your audiences.  This is a wonderfully efficient  way of receiving feedback.  For example, one customer of ours was at a book release and noticed how people would walk up to one of his tables, look at the book, and put it back.  He realized that the design of the cover was creating a bit of confusion.  It was very similar to a book he had previously had published and people were mistaking the new release for the previous one.  A quick design modification made for less confusion and better marketing.

4. Same Quality and Options

Our digital solutions offers all the advantages of printing digital offers, and includes the option of printing hardcover books. Adhesive binding on all our digital runs makes for an additional economic advantage when it comes to digitally printing with Worzalla.  And, of course, all our digital runs are guaranteed to be of the same quality that has come to be expected of us.

Working with today’s printing trends, rather than against them, Worzalla is dedicated to fast, quality digital printing with long run options.  Contact us for further information on how our digital printing department can help you market your products more efficiently.

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