When Everything that Could Go Wrong Goes Oh, So Right and Why…

It’s not too often that we come upon a true game-changing situation and know exactly what to do, or even recognize the opportunity for what it is.

But that’s exactly what our Operations team has done with a job that is currently in production. The title originally printed overseas, but found its way to our doorstep after a reprint done by a stateside competitor was rejected.

The customer was under the gun. This was a high profile project, and now they were critically behind schedule. They came to WORZALLA to see if we could help them out of a jam.

When WORZALLA Customer Service Representative¬†(CSR)¬†Lisa Ceplina learned about the rejected reprint she called for a pre-production review to ensure we wouldn’t head down the same road as our competitor.

The pre-production review is a recently established ‘next step’ in the collaboration that was begun this past year involving our Desktop and Customer Service teams. Desktop Technicians Kitty Grigsby and Ken Wavruk ‘relocated’ to the Customer Service area to act as customer liaisons in solving file issues before going into production.

A CSR can call for a review whenever they have a project coming in that is high profile or may be difficult to produce. Associates from various departments will meet to review the project, identify issues and make recommendations for how best to proceed.

In the case of this particular title, the original files did not have the ability to trap. Kitty worked with the customer to get files we could trap. However, it would still require extensive desktop time because the file size was so large. Kitty suggested an overprinting of black. This would result in a richer black and would save the customer 40 hours of additional desktop time.

There were also concerns about a specified PMS color. The first printing was done in China. The stock used was more of a blue-white shade, and we would be printing on a sheet that was much warmer. The PMS color would be a special ink from the vendor, and we would do an ink drawdown to ensure a color match on the stock we were using. A decision was made to provide a press proof to show what the overprint and PMS color would look like. Both recommendations were accepted by the customer.

When our customer arrived for a press OK, we went into it in good shape since we already had approved colors and would be giving the customer a far better looking job than the original run (let alone our competitor’s reprint which had been flat out rejected). All of these early adjustments would save press time as well.

By doing a pre-production review we established exact customer expectations with the materials we would be using. We partnered with the customer to resolve issues that previously led to a rejected job. We offered our customer options that actually improved the product, and achieved a more pleasing result than the original run. GREAT JOB!!

“It has been a huge success having desktop technicians here in Customer Service,” Lisa Ceplina stated. “The jobs move through more smoothly. Any concerns are immediately addressed. Kitty and Ken are very good at what they do and have lots of helpful information. Both are terrific liaisons to our customers, who often have new people. Our desktop techs are able to help them to send in files the way we need them. They educate our customers well.”

“This is a big win for us,” stated WORZALLA CEO Jim Fetherston. “From the customer’s point of view, we are the print professionals. They trust us to perform to their expectations. When something goes wrong — even if it’s an issue that traces back to their files — it just looks like we’re making excuses. When we get ahead of it, go to our customer with concerns and recommendations rather than apologies and excuses, we show ourselves to be true print professionals they can rely on.”

This is just one example of the highly effective CSR/Desktop collaboration. We can actually point to many, many “wins” as a result of these initiatives. Hmmm, perhaps this is why we are often told that the WORZALLA customer experience is “the best in the business.”