Hot Book Trends — Adult Coloring Books

Lost Ocean

A surprising product is leading the bestseller lists these days. Coloring books for adults have appeared regularly on the Publishers Weekly Bestseller Lists over the past several months.

Click here to view a CBS This Morning segment about this phenomenon.

It’s interesting to note the increase in popularity of these coloring books since that story aired in September 2015. The PW Trade Paperback Bestsellers List in the week of December 14, 2015, peaked with twelve of the twenty-five spots being held by adult coloring books!

Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure and Coloring Book by Johanna Basford (Penguin Books) led the way at the #1 spot. Coloring book titles took the next four rankings, plus seven more to boot.

The beautiful illustrations in Johanna Basford’s titles catapult her to the top of the line in high end adult coloring books. Her amazing ink drawings are detailed and whimsical — and they invite you to join  her in a collaboration to complete the picture with the colors you choose. Poof! You’re an artist. It’s very gratifying.

Coloring has been a great pastime for kids for as long as we can remember. Did you enjoy coloring as a child? Have you ever taken some time to color with your children? If so, then you know it is a great way to relax and bring down the energy level in a child through calm, creative fun.

Health professionals are now singing the praises of coloring books for adults as a therapeutic activity for patients of all ages, as well as caregivers. Coloring clubs are popping up all over the country, as friends share time together while doing this incredibly calming, companionable activity.

Publishers have saturated the market with many themes tied to pop culture, patterns, nature, faith, holidays, blockbusters, and more.

Is this a lasting trend . . . or a passing fad?

Well, kids have always enjoyed coloring — it’s not trendy, it’s tried and true. Maybe adults can ‘take a page’ from that.

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