A Commitment to Creating Jobs in America

Dining at the White House-From the President's Table to Yours

WORZALLA sales representative Rick Hanaway received a holiday newsletter from our customer, LifeReloaded Specialty Publishing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Their title, Dining at the White House – From the President’s Table to Yours by Chef John Moeller, was printed and bound at WORZALLA.

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LifeReloaded creates jobs in America by only printing in the USA, something that we heartily applaud at 100% employee-owned WORZALLA of Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA! Check out their article — Creating Jobs in America — featuring photos of the WORZALLA facility.

Excerpts From The LifeReloaded Newsletter –

Dining at the White House-From the President’s Table to Yours was launched on September 24, 2013.   The response has been overwhelmingly positive. In early December it reached  #1 best seller in category on Amazon. A second printing arrived in the warehouse this week.

Dining At The White House Amazon Best Seller
The recipe section is particularly popular. Each recipe is one that Chef John personally created and served at the White House. In each case, the recipe is accompanied by the menu card which shows when and to whom this meal was served.  Many people have told LifeReloaded that they are planning to recreate the 2004 White House Holiday dinner for their own families and friends this season.

Dining At The White House Recipes
Creating Jobs In AmericaCreating Jobs In America –
Every project at LifeReloaded Specialty Publishing is an All American Production, and has been since our beginning in 2004. This includes the creation of eBooks and printing of traditional books.

We work with a network of associates across the country who provide services for editing, design, web services, graphics and artwork, printing, photography, shipping and warehousing etc.

The production of just this one book-Dining At The White House-created more than one full year of paid jobs for our associates.

It’s more than a book . . . it’s YOUR book. Come to a printer who understands.

Jessica Lange and A Little Bird

Jessica Lange and A Little Bird

Jessica Lange may be known for her roles in King KongTootsie, and American Horror Story, among others, but this autumn she will be introduced in a different sort of role: children’s author. Lange, along with Print Buyer John Donnelly and Design Manager Dawn Adams of Sourcebooks, the publisher of her work, visited Worzalla on Friday, August 16th to do a press OK Little_Bird_bookon her book, It’s About a Little Bird.

The story revolves around two little girls who discover a beautiful bird cage while visiting their grandmother’s farm, and the story of the little bird that lived in it.  Adding to the story are beautifully colored photographs.  Our Customer Service Representatives Shasta Grosbier and Kathy Ladwig noted that “The images in the book are photos she (Jessica Lange) took of her granddaughters.  Ms. Lange hand-tinted the photos….”  Lange shot the original photographs in black-and-white and hand colored them using photographic oil paints to add the vibrant colors.  The process of painting black and white photos is almost as old as the medium of photography itself.

Everyone who worked with Lange during the OK found her to be very “down to earth” and wonderful to work with. Press Room Manager Chet Plaski commented, “She was very open to suggestions on color adjustments to achieve the results she wanted.” The trust she put in our printing capabilities was very encouraging.

Lange and her publisher had chosen Worzalla to print It’s About a Little Bird because of another book we had printed, Kitten’s First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes. They were impressed by the quality job we did on the Henkes book and decided that Worzalla was the printer to go to. We are honored for the opportunity to print such a beautiful book, and we hope for many more such opportunities in the future.

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Worzalla and The Wimpy Kid

“…this is a JOURNAL, not a diary….”

So began Jeff Kinney’s Wimpy Kid series and for eight years we at Worzalla have been printing and shipping these enjoyable books, with the deep appreciation for the honor and privilege of being able to print such a series. Every year we wait in anticipation for the next title, looking forward to the new adventure Kinney is bound to take us and the rest of his readers on.

Most of us can recall our middle school years, memories both good and bad. Because of this, we hold the diary…er… journal of Greg Heffley dear to our hearts. At Worzalla, we also hold dear the recollections of how this series has brought us together Greg Heffleyas a company. “Everyone’s got a story from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid job,” our customer service representative, Cindy Maher, recollects. The series has touched our lives, both by the words on the page and by the people we work with, including Jeff Kinney, himself, and his publisher, Amulet Books (an imprint of ABRAMS Books).

Tim Schweers, the customer service representative for the series, was good enough to share a little bit of what it’s been like working on the Wimpy Kid series: “It started… very quiet.” But it was clear that a couple months after the initial 24,150 print run that this book was going places. Beginning in April 2007, a new run had to be done every month: 15,000; 20,000; 25,000. Every month it increased. In Tim’s words, “it became a tidal wave,” and the wave is still rising. To date, Worzalla has printed 75 million copies and we look forward to printing many, many more.

Jeff Kinney is currently finishing the 8th book in the series, Hard Luck, which will be released November 2013.  Pre-order Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck here.

Our Commitment to Community

Community involvement is important to us at Worzalla.  Although our business and the shipments of the books we print span from the Atlantic to the Pacific, we remain committed to the community we call home.

Our involvement within the Stevens Point community is broad, but our main focus is to promote reading.  We have been hugely involved in founding and giving continued support and promotion to the Stevens Point community Reading first blogReading First program, which started back in 2000-2001.

Reading First promotes reading aloud as a family for 20 minutes each day.  Reading aloud is a simple way to increase knowledge and creativity in children, and doing so as a family helps to create an environment of growth and understanding.  Every year Worzalla helps to choose books for summer and winter reading opportunities.  300 to 500 featured “community reading books” are given out to families with young children.  Lucy Cousins’s Maisy Makes Lemonade and Gary Paulson’s Lawn Boy are the featured books for this summer (2013).


Tom Pease Concert July 9th 2013; Pfiffner Park

On top of free books, the Reading First program also sponsors free events such as The Soup-er Bowl each February, where families can come and have a free soup dinner and watch a movie, and free concerts, such as the Tom Pease Concert that was held in Steven Point’s Pfiffner Park on Tuesday, July 9th.

Reading First also makes appearances at other local/community events such as the river front Art in the Park and the June Dairy Days.

Reading is something to be enjoyed by all ages, and we are proud to help sponsor Reading First as a program that promotes reading, especially for young children and families.

For more information on the Reading First program please contact Cheri Karch at ckarch@Worzalla.com or 715-344-9600 x200.

Other local/ community organizations that Worzalla is proud to support:
Junior Achievements
Wisconsin State Historical Society
United Way of Portage County
Portage County Literacy Council
University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point Cornerstone Press

A Home Run for Reading

Summer is the season of baseball, and fans at the San Francisco Giants/ Los Angeles Dodgers game Saturday, July 6th, at AT&T Park in San FranciscoNightB4Baseball received an extra special treat.  10,000 copies of David Schnell’s The Night Before Baseball at the Park by the Bay were given away to promote reading.

Worzalla stands behind all those who make an effort to promote reading, and we were honored to be the printer of The Night Before Baseball knowing that 10,000 of the copies were being given out in an effort to spread the joy found in families reading together.

For the fans who received a copy, congratulations and we hope that you will use it in promoting both the love of reading and the love of baseball.  For the fans that did not receive the free copies, additional copies are available for purchase in the Giant’s Dugout Store or online.

Happy Reading!

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